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The ABC's of Waterstarting by Dasher

The ABC's of Waterstarting by Dasher

Item #: 71059

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Dasher has finally put all his video experience to work in an impressive and highly polished new production. The first of what promises to be a continuing series is an in-depth look at the elusive waterstart. And when we say in-depth, we mean it. Step 1: Gear Set-up - He thoroughly explains how to position the board, sail, and body relative to each other and relative to the wind direction in order for the rest of the waterstart to flow easily. Step 2: Fly the Sail - How to effortlessly lift the sail from the water, readying it for lifting us onto the board. Hand placement on the boom, flying the sail in neutral, and powering up the sail are covered in detail. Step 3: Mount the Board - Get on the board and zoom away. Proper use of the back legs and using the sail to efficiently pull you from the water and onto the board are emphasized. 59 min.
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