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Seafaring Lore & Legend *SOLD OUT*

Seafaring Lore & Legend *SOLD OUT*

Item #: 72204

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Retail: $15.95
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A storehouse of wonders for those who love the sea. From Noah's Ark to Thor Heyerdahl's raft, from Atlantis to the Northwest Passage, author Peter Jeans scours the ages and the seven seas for fanciful, inspiring, and bizarre tales of sea monsters, ghost ships, lost continents, castaways, pirates, explorers, superstitions, and customs. Discover the surprising truths behind:* The origins of naval salutes and the Beaufort Scale* Flogging a dead horse and other oddities of nautical custom* Sea chanties, scurvy, and the hardships of life at sea* Infamous and noteworthy sea captains and their ships* Famous wrecks and mutinies* Mermaids, sirens, and sea nymphs* Nautical superstitions such as the albatross and Fiddler's Green. 382 pages. 2007. Paperback.
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