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Retail: $29.95
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Everything you wanted to know about the mysterious art of rigging but were afraid to ask. Rigging covers every aspect of standing and running rigging on a boat, explaining the role of every part and how they influence eachother. Easy step-by-step guides explain how to choose and fit your equipment before going on to describe how to tune your rig to achieve better performance. Alternate configurations are examined and the bewildering array of lines simply explained. Where calculations are used they are kept easy and straightforward to understand. Table of Contents Chapter 1 - Running Rigging Chapter 2 - Backstay Chapter 3 - Genoa Sheets Chapter 4 - Genoa Cars Chapter 5 - Main Sheet Chapter 6 - Afterguys and Sheets Chapter 7 - Halyards and Reefing Lines Chapter 8 - Standing Rigging Chapter 9 - Spreaders and Mast Tuning Chapter 10 - Winches
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